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 5 minute video

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 5 minute video
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We know all running specialty stores do their own version of Gait Analysis by watching you walk/run or maybe even have you stand stationary on some sort of device. Our process involves you getting on the treadmill and taking a 5 second video clip in a neutral soft shoe as a baseline and then taking additional clips in different shoes to better understand the differences. We then synchronize each video so YOU can see the difference. The process takes as little as 15 minutes or as long as you wish. The customer gets to see how each shoe functionally performs and if the shoe actually does what it's intended to do. This one of a kind mobile Gait Analysis Cart is stationed behind our treadmill in Acton, we also have a second system that travels to various gyms and fitness studios throughout the area. Over the past two years we have performed over 8000 evaluations. We understand footwear and the critical role in keeping you injury free. You might be very surprised.

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