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Orangetheory Gait Analysis

We have attended 18 different studios and 630 classes in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Colorado and Rhode Island performing gait analysis for over 9000 Orangetheory members! You don't even know we're there and we do all the work. Nothing needed from the studio staff or it's members. 

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What We've Discovered


We have found that 49.1% of members are at risk of injury. 

Members who had their gait re-evaluated in the 361 Nemesis were no longer at risk for injury!

On many occasions we are accompanied by Doctorate of Physical Therapy students and we then review our findings with numerous PT professionals. 

Old and new members alike continue to re-purchase the Nemesis and have stayed active while remaining injury free.

Our Process

We want to provide the best shoe for you so we take into consideration many factors.

  • How far your foot rolls in (pronation)

  • How far your foot rolls to the outside (supination)

  • Where your foot strikes the ground

  • What position your foot leaves the ground

When we take into account these factors we then place you into one of four category's:

  • No issues

  • Opportunity (No serious risk, but not perfect)

  • Risk

  • High Risk

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Same Day Results

The most impressive aspect of this experience lies in its effortless flow.

Your workout remains undisturbed, and upon completion, you receive a concise 5-second video clip of your foot, aiding in the assessment of whether your footwear is benefiting or hindering you.

Locations We've Partnered With

We would like to give a special thank you to the locations who have allowed us to partner, revisit and service  multiple times. We hope to expand to more locations, continue our research and service your studio. Hope to see you soon!

  • Burlington, MA 

  • Chelmsford, MA 

  • Concord, MA 

  • Lafayette, CO 

  • Leominster, MA 

  • Marlborough, MA

  • Methuen, MA

  • Nashua, NH

  • North Andover, MA 

  • North Reading, MA

  • Providence, RI 

  • Saugus, MA 

  • Somerville, MA 

  • Sudbury, MA 

  • Wellesley, MA 

  • Westford, MA 

  • Woburn, MA 

  • Worcester, MA


To book a visit contact Mark at

Orange Shoelaces

The Start to our Orangetheory Partnership

In 2017, Mark found himself an opportunity when Orangetheory Concord expressed interest in a collaborative promotion. From there, he had no idea the journey he was about to begin. Unfamiliar with Orangetheory at the time, Mark agreed to perform gait analysis on Orangetheory clients during the studios off hours.The initial attempt involved setting up a tripod, camera, multiple computers, all the cords and Mark's expertise. However, the response fell short, with only 4 out of 12 signees showing interest. Mark soon realized the impracticality and time-consuming nature of the setup. While on his first visit to Concord he realized an idea that slipped his mind when Orangetheroy Westford gave him a call. While in Concord he was surveying the treadmills neatly lined up, when a revelation struck Mark – mobility could be the key to success. Mark had a proposition for the Westford location: equip a cart on wheels with analysis tools all wired up and take a 5 second clip of each member down the line of treads. That part of the process took about 3 minutes. Attendees could then check in afterward if they wished to view their video. Armed with a Lowes cart, a banner, and a computer, the concept took off overnight. Initially more of a group effort, Mark educated athletes during cooldowns but swiftly realized the limitations and interuption of this approach. Undeterred, he returned to Concord, this time collaborating with a physical therapy student to refine the process and develop a comprehensive form for assessing treadmill numbers, group numbers, and types of risks. As word of Mark's on-site gait analysis spread, Orangetheory Saugus came knocking. Surrounded by other running specialty stores, Mark was honored to have been their first call. Recognizing that Saugus was much further than usual, Mark proposed bringing shoes for members to try. The move proved a resounding success, with 30 members upgrading their footwear and mitigating potential risks. Burlington and Woburn soon followed suit, expanding the reach of Mark's gait analysis services. Driven by a shared goal to assist more Orangtheory members, the collaboration extended further.The success people were seeing while now being placed in the 361 nemesis was outstanding. Noticing the success, Mark collaborated with the 361 design team to craft an orange shoe tailored specifically for Orangetheory members. Presenting his research to physical therapy offices, he received confirmation of the efficiency behind his methods. This validation has been instrumental in refining and advancing the gait analysis services, highlighting the success of Mark's journey from a chaotic Acton setup to a widely recognized and impactful venture in the fitness and wellness community.


Start your Journey Today

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Upcoming Visits:

Westford, MA: January 7-9

Concord, MA: January 13-16

Sudbury, MA: January 29-30

Woburn, MA: Feburary 4-5

Wellesley, MA: Feburary 19-20

Wesford, MA: June 15-16

North Andover, MA: July29-30

Visits are Pending 

2024 Visits:

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Our Clients Say

"I am obsessed with my 361 sneakers. When Marx Running Company came in to class for gait
analyses, I was wearing a knee brace for some leg pain I was having while running. I am extremely flat
footed, and sure enough, the sneakers I had been running in were pretty terrible for me.
Since I’ve had my 361s, I’ve had zero issues with my knees and have had no more pain while running. I
can’t wait to get a new pair soon!"

Jessica S.

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