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The 361°Nemesis

For the past eight years, the Nemesis has stayed true to its roots. Isn't that remarkable? Join our ever-expanding community of loyal customers who return year after year, assured that their favorite running shoe will remain unchanged. What makes it so special, you ask? Well, you'll just have to scroll down to find out.

The Nemesis

A Little Background for You

The Nemesis came to us eight years ago and was marketed as a stability shoe. We've heard that word countless of times but we had found through our gait analysis that sometimes a stability shoe is not so stable after all.  When we put the Nemesis to the test, we saw that time and time again it passed the ultimate test: it worked with individuals natural gait and allowed them to remain in a one plane of motion.

User's ankles no longer rolled in excessively (pronation) or rolled outwards (supination), and for those who were neutral in gait (no excessive roll) it did not affect natural mechanics.

We couldn't believe our eyes! The Nemesis has now helped thousands of our beloved customers and we want it to continue to change the lives of others.


Staying in one plane of motion is the most important thing for walking and running to take pressure off of other various joints (knee/hip/ankle). The 361° Nemesis has taken away prior pronation (rolling in of the ankle) time after time when we perform gait analysis. With this evidence we are confident in referring our valued customers to try this shoe.


Rachel L.

"I absolutely love the 361° shoes... I have 5 pairs!! Marx Running did a gait analysis at
Orangetheory Fitness and wow, was I shocked at the lack of support from the shoes I WAS wearing. Needless to say, I ditched those and got the 361°. These shoes and Marx Running are the best!"

Jessica B.

"I found the gait analysis incredibly helpful, and my new 361° shoes have helped so much with nagging injuries. I always go back to Marx for the next pair!"

Sunshine P.

"I have been running for many years, always needing a day off afterwards because my hips hurt. Or not being able to finish my runs because my hips hurt. Marx gait analysis showed inversion with my feet when running.
Since I've purchased the 361° shoes I can run much farther and with much less hip pain! They are secure and comfy and I love them!"
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